…because I am uninspired

…or should I say, not inspired enough to write my own words, although I do still believe in ‘soaking it in.’ Has not everything been written, already? Maybe not. But for today, I will allude to the same vein as HST, who 40+ years ago was writing about the Death of the American Dream.

The gig I have in mind is an opening research shot at the Pentagon, featuring attempts to interview the Joint Chiefs…by a man who got tired, many moths ago, of seeing them referred to as a nameless, yet ominous cabal that seemed to be in charge of almost everything crucial. I don’t really expect these worthies to indulge me, but I think their lack of indulgence will be the beginning of my narrative, to wit: ‘Who are these people who won’t talk to me? Where did they come from and why are they in charge? How far does their power extend? Where does their power originate? Why them, and not me?’ And — once we’ve established some answers in the form a pattern (or historical framework — ‘Where now?’

—Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing In America, The Gonzo Letters, Volume II, 1968-1976

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