Friday Report

Telling that I chose to title Lost in the Shuffle and then went poof into the ether. Basically, I cited Greek gods, a poet whose work I just discovered and Heather Locklear, who just ended up in trouble with pills and alcohol. What I wrote was far more poetic but now I am hungry and way beyond where I was 3 minutes ago.

The idea was that my ‘biggest’ days on this blog had to do with mythology, Ruth Stone and a best of film review. Nothing I constructed myself. Therefore, it was concluded that I must work in more exorbitant taxidermy, cinematic language (of which I have been accused, but I think in pictures and soundtracks, so that is why I employ such tactics) and metronomical theatrics, reflecting on the shabby chic professorship in the woods, aching, embracing and nothing done.

Back to Van Halen. They do not make me anxious.

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