Guqin (goo-chin) master

This is about ‘the lofting mountain and flowing water.’

a melodic, sorrowful yet at-ease and reflective of beauty, slowed down

the flowing water
which has been
wandering thru
the universe today
I feel

the song (with no lyrics).

“The Chinese Parasol Tree” is regarded as a sacred tree, representing masculinity and righteousness

can attract the Phoenix..the singing of which…is the most beautiful in the world.”
“The Phoenix Pond” and “The Dragon Pond.”
Guqin — bet that’s not allowed in Scrabble. 91 harmonic tones can be played.

Responsibility for maintaining moral principles (and ruling the country).

Intergrateion of feeling and setting
voice beyond the string

the symbol for yin yang, I believe, is the merging of characters for Sun & Moon, and I wonder how this applies to this year of the rat

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