Resolutions come & go…

…but ‘pain & suffering last forever’?

Time may be the only constant, but, then again, if one lets the mind wander to the known (as in the confines of the spatial universe as deduced & conveyed by quantum physicists, all hypothesizing, really, based on distinctions of the human mind and its infinite encompasses that decompress in public, soar in the promise of a miracle (the vast unknown, or as the Dalai Lama puts it, ‘the unexpected’–that’s all a miracle is. The human race being shown something they have long forgotten in the wilderness without magic.)

That is the ultimate, game, is it not? Only at the one moment of separation of known time and space (as in our defined persona, this moment of consciousness, in dog years, longer than the apes have roamed the earth’s jungles and swung from the tree, a symbol of knowledge in more than one tradition)–the ‘light,’ the last words of a genius who changed mankind thru what Bedouins or headhunting New Guinean spear-throwers might have looked upon as a ‘miracle,’ uttered this last revelation: “Wow.”

Only grace, the ‘holy’ (as in beyond mankind’s earthly concerns and bodily cares, effect of compassion because there are a few things that divide us from other creatures we know, and have come to dominate, in our perceptions, at least, although we always come down to metaphors that involve communing our spirit with that of passive animal spirits, ‘laying down with the lamb,’ or the saintly spirit of calmness (a common symbol in pharmaceutical ads for anti-depressants and gastrointestinal problems) or the elephant never forgets (an elephant man was the ultimate cruelty to mankind, a genius in a deformed body, like Helen Keller, alive and vibrant being deprived of the beauty-and-wonder-infusing of the senses, the blind poet Homer, the lost and forgotten all over the world, who connect deeply, like Heather with her ailing hamster, or the woman who adopts abandoned pups, or the psychic with her pet fly–talk about regular regurgitation as flies only ‘live’ for days) — the things that separate us are related to our ability to speak and communicate our feelings, which gives way to both vulnerability (for overwhelm by forces who are stuck a few rungs back in the drive for immediate command, only) and the expansive nature of compassion, the only thing that keeps meaning in this nonsensical chaotic world of suffering matched with beauty, the horrors of unrelenting forces (the natural disasters that equalize us all) followed by the wonder of a sunrise with a solitary bird’s call, hopeful that another of his genus-species is out there, simply because the sun is rising again.

The documentary on Buddha was long and intense and I studied it intensely through the decimation of his body (extreme asceticism) in search of holy knowledge. The ancient practices of yogi gurus and Vedic tradition could not hold. Then there was the ‘swept up in history’ part that is integral to all great prophet’s journeys–always a response to the old, what no longer works, what must be lifted like a veil to get to ‘the truth’ which is all we seek, a way we can assert as having been worth our time and energy. Or all else fails and we can only live for what others think of our selves.

Are we at such a time, again? Or absolute questioning of where to go next? Are we at the cusp? A crossroads? All the wisdom keepers have given their advice. Now it’s up to daily practice. Follow bliss, treat others with compassion & be conscious, mindful of some purpose on this earth that leaves it better in some way for your having taken up time, space & precious resources. A true miracle to be here and contribute. Here’s to a prosperous and fulfilling new year.

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