12 most…lovely?

Please be creative with your titles: smart, short and eye-catching. Using a creative, impactful adjective after “12 Most” can go a long way. Check out the posts on this website for reference and whatever you do, avoid using adjectives that have been overused (ie: common, important, useful…).


Begin with an insightful, interesting and attention-grabbing opening paragraph to set the scene for your 12 Most post.

List of 12 items

  • Add <h2> and </h2> tags before and after each numbered point.
  • Keep numbered items all lowercase except for the first letter (except for proper nouns, etc.).
  • There should be NO period at the end of each numbered item.


<h2>1. Really get to know your readers</h2> 

Then the rest of the text follows under each point just like this with no line spaces.

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