THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in… – StumbleUpon

THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in… – StumbleUpon.

All things classic myth, from family trees to the order of things.

HE FIRSTof these were thePROTOGENOIor First Born gods. These were the primeval beings who emerged at creation to form the very fabric of universe: Earth, Sea, Sky, Night, Day, etc. Although they were divinites they were purely elemental in form: Gaia was the literal Earth, Pontos the Sea, and Ouranos the Dome of Heaven. However they were sometimes represented assuming anthroporphic shape, albeit ones that were indivisible from their native element. Gaia the earth, for example, might manifest herself as a matronly woman half-risen from the ground ; and Thalassa the sea might lift her head above the waves in the shape of a sea-formed woman.

THE SECONDwere the natureDAIMONES(Spirits) andNYMPHAIwho nurtured life in the four elements. E.g. fresh-water Naiades, forest Dryades, beast-loving Satyroi, marine Tritones, etc.

THE THIRDwere the body- and mind-affectingDAIMONES(Spirits). E.g. Sleep (Hypnos), Love (Eros), Joy (Euphrosyne), Hate (Eris), Fear (Phobos), Death (Thanatos), Old Age (Geras), etc.

THE FOURTH class consisted of the THEOI (Gods) who controlled the forces of nature and bestowed civilised arts upon mankind.

CHIMERA (Khimaira) A creature with the fore-quarters of a lion, the rear end of a goat, a goats head on its back, and a fanged serpent-head for a tail. It was slain by the hero Bellerophon who rode into battle on the back of the winged horse Pegasus. 

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