Try to relax and let events run their course — you can’t dam this river! If you go with the flow, you should end up somewhere that feels much better…

Well, I suppose that is all I can do because I’ve rarely been in this position where I feel that I have no friends and that this is actually the most unwelcoming situation I’ve been in. I don’t know what it is, but as usual, I am tired of this particular industry and don’t feel like my talents are being used, at all. I get my ass chewed out for things that I had no idea were required and although I need no ‘atta girl,’ getting my ass kicked after working every day is just not that appealing.

So, yes, being told I am not liked, being snipped and sniped at, shoved out, and just not really included is, well, I guess, wearing on me. That’s where I stand; head down, alone, stuck.

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