The Sky is Falling

Or it’s going to
there’s simply nothing
to say
about it

when the world
around and all you
can come up with is
a cliche

You want
to lead by example
erase that bad record
or build it up
get a rhinestone coat

and be on your way
but you get stuck
on the orange line
to mediocrity

and have to exit
where the shitstorm
on the outskirts of town

begging your way
without shoes
just like the son
of the maker

of all this mess
what’s left to hold onto
hope for at the end of that

dirty rainbow

2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling

  1. Hope is all that’s left. And we’ll hang on to that even when they shiv ice picks through our eyes. Even when we gasp for air during the last global pall.


    1. Thank you for that. Hope is all that’s left.


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