Predators & The Rosslyn

Danny Trejo ex-junkie always dies early in the movie but he is such a nice guy. And doesn't Cher look like she did twenty years ago and what does that mean? Is she an alien life form or are plastic surgeons from the outer regions of the galaxy. Meanwhile Haiti gets hit with rain and … Continue reading Predators & The Rosslyn

The Real Crazy Heart

Someone must have known that I was lonely That's why they sent you to me from above I know someone must have heard me crying And gave me such an angel that I love (Chorus) Who left the door to heaven open Who turned their head for a moment Who told you that my heart was broken And who left the door to heaven open Heaven just can't be the same without you I guess you must have been their brightest star And, tonight, I know the angels all will miss you But they know just exactly where you are (Repeat chorus)