Katherine E. Walker Producer/Director Production: Reality/documentary/episodic television & feature films. Post-production: Supervise editorial through online & delivery; AVID & FCP. Writer Scriptwriting, copywriting, grant writing, non-fiction and fiction, published. Experience 2000-Present Supervising Producer/Writer, “Showdown on the Sand,” 3-D one-hour Documentary for Discovery 3-D, Ridgeline Entertainment Producer, “The Colony,” Discovery/Original Productions, Seasons 1 & 2 Co-Executive […]

The Real Crazy Heart

Someone must have known that I was lonely
That’s why they sent you to me from above
I know someone must have heard me crying
And gave me such an angel that I love
Who left the door to heaven open
Who turned their head for a moment
Who told you that my heart was broken
And who left the door to heaven open
Heaven just can’t be the same without you
I guess you must have been their brightest star
And, tonight, I know the angels all will miss you
But they know just exactly where you are
(Repeat chorus)