A Ghost of Christmas Past

During my daily ‘look for work’ exercise, I was taking stock of my ‘background and experience’ and ran across an article a former colleague who mentioned we only had 16 million viewers which was less than I recalled (having set a record for both the premiere and the finale, two of over 18 episodes which I labored over for five seasons of that show), caused me to google The Apprentice and, as I suspected, our ‘little show’ got more than 19 million ‘eyeballs’ during its heyday.
So, I should be able to do it again, right?

The Apprentice 1 is the first season of The Apprentice, which aired on NBC in the winter and spring of 2004. It is currently available on DVD. It featured 16 candidates.
The first season was a ratings smash, ranking at #7 in the average weekly Nielsen Rankings, with an average viewership of 20.7 million viewers each week. The final episode of the season was seen by an estimated 28.05 million viewers and ranked as the #1 show of the week, beating out a new episode of CSI. It was the most popular new show of 2004.


Katherine E. Walker

Producer/Director Production: Reality/documentary/episodic television & feature films.
Post-production: Supervise editorial through online & delivery; AVID & FCP.
Writer Scriptwriting, copywriting, grant writing, non-fiction and fiction, published.
Experience 2000-Present
Supervising Producer/Writer, “Showdown on the Sand,” 3-D one-hour Documentary for Discovery 3-D, Ridgeline Entertainment
Producer, “The Colony,” Discovery/Original Productions, Seasons 1 & 2
Co-Executive Producer, “WIDE AWAKE,” six webisodes
Director/Writer, “South African Solar Challenge,” for SHARP
Writer, “Anatomy of a Recovery,” one-hour documentary for Discovery-Asia
Supervising Producer/Director, “Ghost Intervention,” Season One, TLC
Executive Producer, “Model Latina,” Season One, SiTV, 13-episode series Supervised all creative pre-to-post; directed all multi-cam set-ups
Executive Producer, “Backstage,” Pilot Episode, SiTV
Show Producer, “The Apprentice,” NBC / Mark Burnett, seasons 1-5
Production & Post. Nominated for two primetime Emmy awards.
Show Producer, “Untitled Maria Baltazzi Project,” Pilot for CBS
Supervised story and editorial teams for pilot episode, one hour
Producer, “Instant Beauty Pageant,” Style Network, 4 one-hours, prod/post
Producer, “Brutally Honest,” Sizzle reel, CBS/Paramount & Actuality
Story Producer, “The Restaurant,” NBC / Mark Burnett
Story Producer, “Married by America,” Fox / Rocket Science
Associate Show Producer, “The Amazing Race,” CBS
Post-production, four episodes. Winner of Emmy award (episode 311)
Producer/Writer, “A Personal Story,” TLC / Film Garden
Field director and story editor on eight half-hour episodes
Producer/Writer, “2 for Las Vegas,” Travel Channel / Film Garden
Field director and story editor on fourteen half-hour episodes
Producer/Writer, “Fixing the Body,” Discovery / Film Garden Producer/Writer, “The 200-Pound Tumor,” Discovery Health
Segment Producer, “Paradise Hotel,” FOX / Mentorn
Story Editor, “Life Moments,” NBC / Pie Town Productions
Interviewer, “Who Wants to Marry My Dad?” NBC / Nash Entertainment
Production 1996- 2000
FEATURE FILM: Castaway, Family Man, 15 Minutes, Gone in 60 Seconds, Love & Basketball, Blue Streak,
Bounce, The Insider, Mighty Joe Young, Six Days, Seven Nights & The Lost World.
Responsible for lead talent on-set, including Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford & Robert DeNiro.
TELEVISION: Roswell, The X-Files, Cab to Canada, Extreme Duress, Beyond Belief &
the MTV Music Awards. Various commercials and music videos.
University of Virginia, Bachelor of Arts, English/History, 1987
Vancouver Film School, Certificate, Filmmaking, 1995
University of Hawaii, Documentary Filmmaking, 1992
University of Hawaii, Television Broadcasting, 1991

Good things to do


Give away a warm coat

pay for someone else

teach children to be kind

teach children to be strong

give freely, protect what matters

Predators & The Rosslyn

Danny Trejo ex-junkie always dies early in the movie but he is such a nice guy. And doesn’t Cher look like she did twenty years ago and what does that mean? Is she an alien life form or are plastic surgeons from the outer regions of the galaxy. Meanwhile Haiti gets hit with rain and winds and another quake rattles Indonesia.
Predators wad shot on the Big Island; makes me miss Hawaii….

The Real Crazy Heart

I rented “Crazy Heart” to see Jeff Bridges and I gotta say the movie was underwhelming (and from the Left Bank DVD hipster rental house just up the block from Los Angeles Street, where people sleep in tents on the sidewalk, the copy of “The Hangover” was so scratched I can’t watch it…) but I did discover that the Bad Blake character is based on two of my favorites in country music — Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson.

But there also is another crazy heart involved — Hank Thompson, who has some killer title in his discography — I mean, “A Six Pack to Go” was way ahead of its time in 1960…

“Kindly keep it country”

1958 “Squaws Along the Yukon” & “I’ve Run Out of Tomorrows”
1959 “You’re going back to your old ways again”
1960 “A Six Pack to Go”
1961 “Hangover Tavern”
1965 “Luckiest Heartache in Town”
1966 “Where is the Circus”
1974 “Who Left the Door to Heaven Open”
1975 “That’s Just My Truckin’ Luck”
1978 “I’m Just Gettin’ By”
1980 “Tony’s Tank-Up, Drive-In Café”
1982 “Cocaine Blues” & “Driving Nails in My Coffin”
1997 “Gotta Sell Them Chickens” (with Jr. Brown)


Hank Thompson

AND, he has the same birthday as me — only 40 years difference! — and today is November 6, 2010. Here’s to you Hank, who didn’t have a funeral, per his request, but a ‘celebration of life.’ See you in heaven Hank because as your song says, “Who Left the Door to Heaven Open?”

Hank Thompson
September 3, 1925 – November 6, 2007

Visit Hank’s final resting place: Waco Memorial Park, 7537 S. Interstate 35, Waco, Texas. Thompson Plot: E101, Space 4&5. (Section E, Plot 101). For directions call 254-662-1051.

Who Left the Door to Heaven Open

“Someone must have known that I was lonely
That’s why they sent you to me from above
I know someone must have heard me crying
And gave me such an angel that I love
Who left the door to heaven open
Who turned their head for a moment
Who told you that my heart was broken
And who left the door to heaven open
Heaven just can’t be the same without you
I guess you must have been their brightest star
And, tonight, I know the angels all will miss you
But they know just exactly where you are…”
(Repeat chorus)