Wisdom keeper

Here I have condensed my ongoing list into a single page. To join the Gratitude Community, visit http://aholyexperience.com/.

1) kicking up a six-inch carpet of oak leaves along ATV paths

2)      naptime

3)      a 21-month-old snuggling down with absolute trust in your arms

4)      having so much to give that you never lack for ways to exercise creativity

5)      NEO

6)      cousins who are willing to share their woods

7)      friends w/whom you can pick up where you left off, even after a long absence

living parents

9)      living grandmothers who get to know their great-grandchildren

10)  porch swings

11)  a little tumble-kin swimming laps and stretching around the obstacle course inside my abdomen

12)  the joy of giving joy to someone else—especially a child

13)  a fiscally responsible husband, who ensures that recession is nothing more than an inconvenience

14)  the smell of dead leaves

15)  sight

16)  always having another goal to reach

17)  an extra-good choir rehearsal

18)  sunlight breaking all along the crest of the hill beyond the creek bed

19)  leaning against a tree in the woods in mid-November.

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