Oil Blackout

People are now getting sick from the oil ‘spill’ — and yet there is a purported media blackout disallowing any spreading of bad news. It’s hard not to believe that there is some sort of benign, passive conspiracy to kill off the ‘undesirables’ — a group that has expanded from the famed IV-drug users and non-heterosexuals of the AIDS-era to include the chronically unemployed, the poor (always on ‘the list’) and anyone who is willing to speak the truth.

How is one to stay ‘positive’ and have faith in anything but the slow burn of nothingness that consumes us as a nation and a world? We are not even connected to each other in any real and meaningful way. Our lives have become virtual. The rich hoard their $1.something trillion while those of us who can’t find work die on the vine.

What will become of us? I want to be an ostrich, hide my head in the proverbial sand.

And yesterday we had an earthquake that swayed the building for, what the news says, was roughly 15 seconds.

I have wanted to believe things would ‘get better’ but now I am just short on hope.

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