Window detail, pt. 1

Window detail

Originally uploaded by Shotaku

Looking out, looking in.

Today, the jazz from WWOZ plays, the sun has been up all night, waiting for us to be with it, a new day, no sleep, that necessary function the doctor shows tell us we need and the mattress ads insist we are never getting enough of, if only we did everything the right way, we would be perfectly enlightened beings of ethereal motion.

Instead, we are highly flawed and trying to make sense of it, share it, scream it from the rooftop, drum it out in tempo with the soul of the song, written at the park in a sub-par rehab in Pasadena where you can just walk away.

Life is never easy and this glass, gold and stone/brick/clay-based foundation makes it easier to see that and move on to the next ridiculous move we’ll make with the rest of the sunlight today.

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