Morning pages

A minister suggested I return to the practice of doing my 'morning pages' from The Artist's Way but I really feel like I have nothing to say that won't just be kvetching about how much of a struggle it is just to survive. I am really over it. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on part … Continue reading Morning pages

Window detail, pt. 1

Window detail Originally uploaded by Shotaku Looking out, looking in. Today, the jazz from WWOZ plays, the sun has been up all night, waiting for us to be with it, a new day, no sleep, that necessary function the doctor shows tell us we need and the mattress ads insist we are never getting enough … Continue reading Window detail, pt. 1

Nobody came and went

Heat bleats longer light cracks under foot crowd around -- I merge, nobody. #haikuchallenge nobody This is what I ended up with to describe walking around in downtown, feeling discombobulated in a crowd, as the days stay longer later, and  passing on sidewalks is a tussle of anonymity, then shout outs to dread, the push-pull … Continue reading Nobody came and went