Remember this

memory lapse

“Art must suppress violence, and only art can do so.”
— Tolstoy

Published by katherinewalker

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4 thoughts on “Remember this

    1. OF COURSE! It is meant to be shared. And the more I think about it, the more true I feel it is. Love cannot ‘suppress,’ its force is entirely different. But art, yes, art is the only thing. (Spoken by a Russian of course–the first real romantic novelists!).

      I just uttered this today and can expand upon it if it does not make sense but I had the revelation that while one can say a single work of art is perfect (through craft, skill, knowledge of the process of one’s artform, message, method, meaning and execution) the one thing that can never ever be perfect is — science. So, in my mind, art and science are the perfect couple….


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