Multimedia Working Girl

On location

The day starts off overcast and then by 10 or 11 a.m., it will be muggy, hot and just one of those days when you know that you should be swimming in the middle of the day, not working, on a set, perpetuating the ever-elusive suspension of disbelief, in the middle of the apocalypse, on the very real disaster zone where so many people lost so much, not even five years ago. It is surreal this business of life imitating art and the other way around.

By katherinewalker

Director, Writer, Producer
Nominated for two primetime Emmy's for the Apprentice
Emmy award winning episode The Amazing Race

Columnist, Editor, Grantwriter
UVa-B.A. English/History
VFS-Certificate Film
Conflict Resolution Mediator
Facilitator, State of Hawaii, DOJ
Published poet, filmmaker, photographer, music aficionado. Canoe paddler, horse wrangler, gem dealer, fixer, The Wolf.

Katherine Walker
EP-Show Runner, Director
katherineelizabethwalker LinkedIn
Los Angeles, CA

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