And so the light must seek the dark, a dubious embarking

This is excerpted from a website that comes up “Dark Matter”

The author is clearly excited by minutae,

but my ‘take-away’

is  self-worthless-ness reversal,

a 4-day summit of the lost souls,

lingering a bit too long in the castle

“While we wait, let’s recall how CDMS detects dark matter.

The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search consists of Ge detectors, situated deep underground in the Soudan mine in northern Minnesota. The depth is required to reduce background from cosmic rays. As the earth travels through the sky, it presumably sweeps through clumps of dark matter which subsequently scatters with the particles in the Ge. The scattering is expected to be elastic, meaning the initial and final scattering particles are the same. The detector measures the ionization and phonons from these interactions. Background events mainly create electron recoils, and so a nuclear recoil gives a good DM signal. The energy of this recoil gives information about the mass of the DM particle and the number of events compared to the total amount of data taken gives the interaction rate.
1:30: So what does a theorist do while waiting for the seminar? A quick calculation, of course! What else? The energy of the highest observed recoil event, with an assumed DM velocity distribution…”

Assumed DM velocity distribution

Now,  just tell me, is that

a bad or

good thing

so I have



Jerry Band

“Just hold me tight/and don’t let go…”

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