The Middle

Stage 44: Trying not to get screwed

Somewhere along the way, the language changed, the promises made have been adjusted according to memory and the person’s mood who is in control of my livelihood, worth, work put into the projects (from time to investment of your own assets, capital, time that could have made money elsewhere) well I’m right there with you but this is what was said. There was an amount that was potentially too high, at that time I said I would take the cut if less got approved. Since that money was approved, that money is primarily mine.

I need to be compensated for the work I’ve done, and that the client recognizes (hence approving it) and you should take a look at the time you are getting compensated for and the real time you have put in to it, if that means you pay people to do the job you couldn’t do, then that comes out of your ten days. It’s very simple and very easy to be fair. I hope it goes this way.