Map of my world

This is near where I grew up in a pastoral land in the gallant South, a place called Goochland, Virginia that was like Shangri-La to me, but was lost over half of my life ago as my family scattered across the continent and over many impasses that still sit there, like a gaping hole. This … Continue reading Map of my world

Shapes In The Sky

Shapes In The Sky Originally uploaded by Gary Newman This shot is simply stunning and dramatic in a way that shows us how earth or nature or the atmosphere or elemental particles or light and air or even what we call God has a sense of the spectacular and is in love with beauty. Who … Continue reading Shapes In The Sky

Classic theme songs from shows like the A-Team, Adam-12 and the Andy Griffith Show. Looks like we only got through the As, but a good resource, maybe, for this filmmic reality site you see before you now.