Vivre Sa Vie – Vivre sa vie on The Auteurs

Vivre Sa Vie – Vivre sa vie on The Auteurs. From the article: By Hamid Sirhan on December 19, 2009 back to Vivre sa vie I have quickly become a fan of Godard’s work in the past week. I had previously enjoyed some of his films as part of my academic study in the pastContinue reading “Vivre Sa Vie – Vivre sa vie on The Auteurs”

Stage 44: Trying not to get screwed

Somewhere along the way, the language changed, the promises made have been adjusted according to memory and the person’s mood who is in control of my livelihood, worth, work put into the projects (from time to investment of your own assets, capital, time that could have made money elsewhere) well I’m right there with youContinue reading “Stage 44: Trying not to get screwed”

Goochland Courthouse

DSC00059 Originally uploaded by QuatroH This is the township where I grew up, wrote for “The Goochland Gazette” one summer, rode on the kennel float for Goochland Day, floated down the James River in inner tubes from Irwin to Maidens and got lost on the neighbors’ 450 acres one day riding my horse Buck, goingContinue reading “Goochland Courthouse”