Atlas Statue

Atlas Statue

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A LEGO version of Gotham City, like Alice in Wonderland reading “Fear and Loathing” in a laudromat in Berkeley, on the inside looking out, you can’t always get what you want, but
if you try sometimes, you might get what you need.

The Chelsea Drugstore, 2nd Chelsea reference this rambling of a week, the first, Patty Smith on the cover of LA Weekly commemorating, memorializing so much loss — specifically Mapplethorpe, who always encouraged her–oh to have someone like that, I wonder how that changes your ability to take your ‘craft’ by the hand and walk to the edge of the cliff.

I still haven’t listened to “Horses,” and I don’t know why; I think I was scared off by the seemingly avant-garde phraseology and punk-ish clanking of an anti-melody, because her lyrics are quite up-my-alley, particularly when referencing Rimbaud.

So, Atlas Shrugs here in a model world of a comic book fantasy that has become part of our archetypal mind, the city of the night, darkness, and — being scooped up in the Bat Mobile.

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