January 2010 Winter Storm 49

I remember this sign, exactly, turned left here many times on the return from Charlottesville, 60 miles or so down I-64, then wind Route 250 to route 6, turn right at 631 and go to the end, cross cattle guard with sign “Reflections” and enter my childhood shangri-la that was so perfect as it seemed to me at the time (say from 4 years old til 22 when it was lost to me, geo-physically but even stronger in my dreams when I am in jeopardy in Los Angeles (guerrilla warfare on your career zeitgeist around the 30-mile zone from Bradbury Building down here, past Sunset Strip to Ave of the Stars, MGM Culver City, wrap around to hit Paramount, the southside of studio proper, Melrose between Wilton and Fairfax) and somewhere around an hour’s drive back home from college, a refuge, a preparation for loss, that never quite goes away, despite flicker and fading, the candle in the wind syndrome of memories, time, place and secrets we tell ourselves, caveats mid-stream, but turning left to Oilville, I made that turn so many times, it is a mood, a thought pattern, an anchor visual for me. So thanks for posting so I could muse on this subject, images provoke stories to me….

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