Goochland 1

Goochland 1

Originally uploaded by Will Weaver -Synthetic Dreamer-

Where exactly, I am not sure, but feels so long ago, growing up here…I keep dreaming I am there, doing mundane/magical stuff, but it’s always changed….and I am a bit disoriented.

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  1. Yep, I bet I wouldn’t recognize Goochland…just like when I visit R’mond once in a while I get lost. Hell, Collegiate looks entirely different to me, but that happens when you go there fewer than 5 times in 25+ yrs. Some places you have to put in your rearview mirror…

    I remember The North Pole, Polly’s house and your house. I also fished there once in a while w/ my Dad. I remember your Akita, your room with a view, and spreading out your modeling portfolio on your bed and thinking, “This is a whole other life.”

    When the graduation party was at yor house, I felt like the rest of the class was a bunch of interlopers. Even considering the size of the property, it felt crowded to me. But at that point in my life, R’mond felt squinchy and I was ready to cut out for Belgium and re-create myself.

    I admit I still get nostalgic for 8905 Tolman Road where I grew up. Mom and Dad have lived within the city limits for the last 5-6 yrs, downtown by the Carillon (kind of in Robin Reams’s old ‘hood).

    Anyway, GREAT talking to you too. It’ll be in person soon I hope. Have a good weekend, and try not to work too hard.



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