Atlas Statue

Atlas Statue Originally uploaded by rh1985moc A LEGO version of Gotham City, like Alice in Wonderland reading “Fear and Loathing” in a laudromat in Berkeley, on the inside looking out, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might get what you need. The Chelsea Drugstore, 2nd Chelsea reference thisContinue reading “Atlas Statue”

Holy Hump Day

“As I cautiously allowed God access to those deepest hurting places, healing eventually came.” A couple of days after Valentine’s Day, that conflicted holiday where love meets heartbreak meets denial meets confusion meets buying roses or chocolates or some other token of affection to replace the real thing, which is elusive at best, rarely attainedContinue reading “Holy Hump Day”

January 2010 Winter Storm 51

January 2010 Winter Storm 51 Originally uploaded by Will Weaver -Synthetic Dreamer- This reminds me of the shot I took of the way out down the driveway into Reflections as if I knew I was never coming back…this also reminds me when Buck slipped over the cattle guard crossing, tip toed along the side, duringContinue reading “January 2010 Winter Storm 51”

January 2010 Winter Storm 49

January 2010 Winter Storm 49 Originally uploaded by Will Weaver -Synthetic Dreamer- I remember this sign, exactly, turned left here many times on the return from Charlottesville, 60 miles or so down I-64, then wind Route 250 to route 6, turn right at 631 and go to the end, cross cattle guard with sign “Reflections”Continue reading “January 2010 Winter Storm 49”

Temperance after Wheel of Fortune

Temperance following fortune, that about says it all about this life on the fringes and in the thick of it, trying to “entertain” people for a living; as my virtual fortune cookie warned: IF YOU CAN’T RIDE TWO HORSES, get out of the circus. “Calm and balance. Need to have patience for events surrounding youContinue reading “Temperance after Wheel of Fortune”