Inculcated with fear

What popped into my head while I was writing a reply to why abuse, incest and rape are common themes in horror movies. So inculcated with the laissez-faire attitude of our society towards this topic, that I kinda thought for a second, really? People actually are still effected by this kind of gore? Predictable and cheesy? When the real horror is the nightly news.


1. instill, infix, ingrain.

Use inculcate in a Sentence

–verb (used with object), -cat⋅ed, -cat⋅ing.

1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly (usually fol. by upon or in): to inculcate virtue in the young.

2. to cause or influence (someone) to accept an idea or feeling (usually fol. by with): Socrates inculcated his pupils with the love of truth.

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