Attitude Adjustment

It’s amazing what food in the belly can do. Let me know your thoughts on this:

I love polls and stats, I think I shoulda been a profiler-predictor-trend watcher-think tank afficianado know-it-all to the upper eshalon of power brokers who run our lives through laws enforced by monkeys, caped crusader for virtuosos running the schedule of events, with wars off to the side for those who must fulfill that addiction of mankind’s that has to wear itself out like rock glass into sand, pulp into paper, skin into soil, words into tears.
So I have created a place to bring people together. I think, if Tipping Point is to be believed I’m somewhere between maven (and the recluse one — definitely not the coupon clipper but the collector of facts and analyzer of data–for what? Not always clear, want to make it so, but mourning some big emotional breakage that has to be mended before progress can be made. Now in a holding pattern only salve is this bringing together of people I like, not abusive bosses whether Hospice or hit tv shows with taglines that promote kicking you to the curb, not people trying to bring me down fro some reason like jealousy–of what? Sleeping across from John Lennon’s star, having a security guard chase us and some punks accuse us of taking the wallet they left in the bar they don’t remember leaving. All because some lunchbag locked his keys in the car, he’s gotta blame the people sleeping on cardboard beds on the sidewalk beneath the poodle palm tree 3 hop skips and a jump from the doors of DWP.

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