you got me where you want me, downtown, con’t

baby what you want me to do
-etta james

Walked to the new DVD locale, the legit discs still don’t play in the 2-bit rate Polaroid with a broken drive itself, straight from tijuana — did I mention gluttony? I am even thinking of going out to get hot chocolate — my hormones are going off.

But back to Downtown Chronicles. Walked up past Ray’s didn’t want a whole bottle of wine, my cramps come and go — did I mention gluttony and the sadness that comes from not having had kids and that pain I guess you hear of people make jokes but it is so foreign to me, the whole blood thing, that sometimes, I really do wonder.

Up to the overpriced but convenient store with good hummus, I know I’ll be craving orange juice, right now it’s hot chocolate, George Clinton but really, a walk again? It’s because I have been starving for 2 weeks now. The pendulum swing but I am craving chocolate like I madwoman and I could probably use some pre-emptive Aleve plus I can’t believe there is no audio on the sanctioned DVDs in the subpar Broadway-bought DVD player, just wanted to see if it would work, why do the porn dvds work and the ones from the library until I owed an astronomical fine. Ironically, I returned them the day of the heaviest rain.

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