…when the ship goes down…

you better be ready is what is playing, as I roll my full belly in search of levity, indulging gluttony, but aware of it so does that put me in Jung or Freud or Public enemy’s camp. Thinking about Jack Sparrow, his favorite books, I didn’t know them, gotta pay library fines.

Just like, to me, “been caught stealing” is a happy song. What does that say? You gotta admit it’s a catchy lil tune under ‘when I want some dinner and I don’t wanna pay for it…’ Like you want to skip along and just take what you need, nobody should really be hungry, right? I am not that bold. I can panhandle up to about 2.50 on average peaking at 12 that one day by the freeway ramp where I got my DUI.

These are the chronicles of living in Los Angeles. Walking down Fifth (is it up or down? the east-west, north-sound grid, Spring-Broadway-Main-Los Angeles Street-7th to 4th is my zone) I want some gps jewerly. I’d wear that.

I meant to write about gluttony but instead I am digesting.

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