Gates Foundation Supports Savings Accounts for the Poor | Blog | | Development through Enterprise

I particularly like this observation of what poverty does to one’s ability to enter into the sanctioned forms of economic development: “One of the arguments that Portfolios of the Poor makes is that the poor lack robust, flexible, and effective financial tools.  Perhaps not surprisingly, this lack of resources spurs creative money management among poor households. Continue reading “Gates Foundation Supports Savings Accounts for the Poor | Blog | | Development through Enterprise”

Give and Take

Unbacked currency is supposedly one of the things that ails us But resilience economics needs more ‘scenario sketches’ before a determination can be made as to whether or not we are completely and absolutely screwed or by how much the institutions can ruin the rubble beneath their foundations like the Parthenon or Pyramids built onContinue reading “Give and Take”


Be straightforward and honest in all your business dealings. * Be civil and businesslike at all times—in person, on the phone, and in letters, faxes, and emails—even if the person you’re dealing with is not. * Be clear about what you want, need, and expect. * Don’t expect editors and other publishing people to beContinue reading “From”

Sunshine and Flocked Trees

Sunshine and Flocked Trees Originally uploaded by Cathleen Daum The world is beautiful again, yet I cannot forget those facing a world upside down, the after shocks keep coming, and I wish them a little blast of peace, a reprieve from that constant state of crisis. Now this scene could quickly turn drastic if JackContinue reading “Sunshine and Flocked Trees”

Bradbury building Los Angeles

Bradbury building Los Angeles Originally uploaded by Patrick LA Where I see my reluctant heroine running up the stairs, slightly out of breath, black leather coat airborne behind, black leather pants, with the tie-tether-lacey thing and super-boots, she can leap–it’s homage to Blade Runner, but a sci-fi not that in the future but with hintsContinue reading “Bradbury building Los Angeles”