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I particularly like this observation of what poverty does to one’s ability to enter into the sanctioned forms of economic development:

“One of the arguments that Portfolios of the Poor makes is that the poor lack robust, flexible, and effective financial tools.  Perhaps not surprisingly, this lack of resources spurs creative money management among poor households.  Some utilize products in ways that defy their original design.  For example, several borrow money through microcredit as a way to save it for future use.”

Gates Foundation Supports Savings Accounts for the Poor | Blog | | Development through Enterprise

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Inculcated with fear

What popped into my head while I was writing a reply to why abuse, incest and rape are common themes in horror movies. So inculcated with the laissez-faire attitude of our society towards this topic, that I kinda thought for a second, really? People actually are still effected by this kind of gore? Predictable and cheesy? When the real horror is the nightly news.


1. instill, infix, ingrain.

Use inculcate in a Sentence

–verb (used with object), -cat⋅ed, -cat⋅ing.

1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly (usually fol. by upon or in): to inculcate virtue in the young.

2. to cause or influence (someone) to accept an idea or feeling (usually fol. by with): Socrates inculcated his pupils with the love of truth.

Double Bubbles

Double Bubbles

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lightness for Sunday

Give and Take

Unbacked currency
is supposedly
one of the things
that ails us
resilience economics
needs more
‘scenario sketches’
a determination
can be made
as to
or not
we are
or by
how much
the institutions
can ruin
the rubble
their foundations
like the
or Pyramids
built on the backs of
factory workers
slowly being
of the crumbling
middle class
seem to cite
too much
these days


Be straightforward and honest in all your business dealings.
* Be civil and businesslike at all times—in person, on the phone, and in letters, faxes, and emails—even if the person you’re dealing with is not.
* Be clear about what you want, need, and expect.
* Don’t expect editors and other publishing people to be perfect. Do expect them to treat you fairly, honestly, and with respect. (If someone doesn’t, your best course of action is usually to stop working with them.)
* Ask for, expect, and, if necessary, insist on reasonable fees, terms, and deadlines.
* Never agree to anything you find unacceptable. If a publisher isn’t willing to negotiate a reasonable deal, it’s better to have no deal at all.
* Live up to whatever commitments you make—and expect editors and publishers to do the same. Meet or beat all deadlines.
* Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.
* If you see in advance that you’re not going to be able to deliver what you promised by your deadline, let the appropriate person know immediately.
* When you make a mistake, miss a deadline, or cause a problem, apologize promptly and do what you can to make amends.

My life as a polaroid

Enschede, the Netherlands

22, rolled double 4s twice

My day in links

For which cause all the country of your possession shall be under the condition of redemption.