Light at the ends of the earth

Moulin – Sundog

Originally uploaded by angus clyne

Photo entitled “Moulin – Sundog” by Angus Cline this December

It gives me hope and inspiration, a far off light at the end of a tunnel — in this case, of snow. A tundra only Empire penguins would nonchalantly traverse, while to me, I think of two things: one is an entryway into Heaven, if there is such a thing, I am still not sure and probably will be until the day’s end of my endgame. The second, the gear I would need to be there, the boots, socks, gore-tex get-up, the hat, protective eyewear, and how, inside all that, I would still, to the very, hopefully warm core, still be the same, the feeling would be the same as it ever was, or maybe completely different.

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