practicing the nana-story

the micro-bite-size, put in your pocket and save it for later

so small it can be lost easily


the no bullshit, be succinct, get to your point, yet be poetic, the lyrical, free verse, wtf kind, not the forced pentameters we had to learn like knowing how to draw illustratively before you can abstract paint. Picasso, paraphrased in my Virginia/Kauai/Hollywood-Downtown corridor dialect coverage.

small things are more highly prized sometimes, like diamonds, old hierlooms, coins worth more than their equivalent denomination now – wheat pennies v. bicentennial quarters are examples of this.

I’ll give you a hint, the less made, the more valuable they become over time. And, the higher value trumps again.

Things I learned today, that I can still talk to kids.

Learned today: I can still kid-talk.

I liked this one, retweeted it, can’t believe I actually am using that word, but it was: “He left a word out.” And I counted. 5. Pavlov’s dogs alive and well.

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