L.A. Woman

I first heard Tool on the paradise island, the double base on “Opiate” and Maynard’s actual earnest plea to God, I get it, it’s perfect…he’s healed now but the talent ‘you are broken now but faith can heal you’ but the clincher line ‘just do everything I tell you to…’

like the girl who said, what’s the big deal with the Doors, they were just on acid, so Billy asked her, ‘Have you ever done acid?” She said, yes, he said, and what did you do? and she said I couldn’t do anything.

So just think about it, Jim at the Roxy, getting kicked out in the middle of “The End” on Sunset Blvd, probably late 60s, definitely not the Haight. Like Jane’s Addiction’s cover called “Sympathy” which is basically acoustic, or the Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge’ and tool yelling just flush it all away

Yet, L.A. would be one of the places I would show the aliens on their tour

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