Downtown Chronicles, begin

“…which is why we are ‘preferred customers’ at what we call the Korean store between Main & L.A. St. on 5th but owned by someone else #downtwn” was the way it started, then I realized I was ‘tweeting’ or ‘twittering’ (although that sounds like the dirty version, the masturbatory derivative of a verb that shouldn’t […]

Peace on earth, goodwill to all, even me

This time of year, with its many contradictions [in some circles, Jesus’ purported birth came in June not December, a time of celebrating the winter solstice and reflection on the year’s passing, a punctuation we could attach some meaning to; the mythology of a winter birth was more romantic, especially when conjoined with a journey […]

Onto the next one

original poem
By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

After I die, I want to be dressed in an all black suit
With some new boots
While I’m drifting up to heaven
I don’t want no fears, no tears, and no sneers
Just cheers
Cause I’m finally going home

Cause earth is hell sometimes froze over
Full of shady ass bitches and trifling bastards
I wanna go where the realist have gone
To bask in the new sunlight of the truth
It’s easy to envision a world better than here
Cause this is no world where we’d like to live

We’re placed here as a test
Testing what?
I have no clue
I guess I’ll find out what’s true after death