There are two valleys…

San Fernando and San Gabriel. What will this next decade, marked by the strong, decisive X in Roman numerals, not sure their position on zero, will have to revisit, more forgotten knowledge (things we have known in our lives, usually in school, before the distractions of life set in, and then subside when we haveContinue reading “There are two valleys…”

Light at the ends of the earth

Moulin – Sundog Originally uploaded by angus clyne Photo entitled “Moulin – Sundog” by Angus Cline this December It gives me hope and inspiration, a far off light at the end of a tunnel — in this case, of snow. A tundra only Empire penguins would nonchalantly traverse, while to me, I think of twoContinue reading “Light at the ends of the earth”

Downtown Chronicles, begin

“…which is why we are ‘preferred customers’ at what we call the Korean store between Main & L.A. St. on 5th but owned by someone else #downtwn” was the way it started, then I realized I was ‘tweeting’ or ‘twittering‘ (although that sounds like the dirty version, the masturbatory derivative of a verb that shouldn’tContinue reading “Downtown Chronicles, begin”

PEACE on earth, GOODWILL to everyone!

>>> PEACE Originally uploaded by NaPix — Hmong Soul Merry Christmas, for those of us who celebrate this holiday, and happy holidays for everyone who celebrates anything during this time when we reflect on the year past, enjoy the present moment for what it is, and give thanks for all the good on earth. WeContinue reading “PEACE on earth, GOODWILL to everyone!”

Peace on earth, goodwill to all, even me

This time of year, with its many contradictions [in some circles, Jesus’ purported birth came in June not December, a time of celebrating the winter solstice and reflection on the year’s passing, a punctuation we could attach some meaning to; the mythology of a winter birth was more romantic, especially when conjoined with a journeyContinue reading “Peace on earth, goodwill to all, even me”

Onto the next one

original poem
By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

After I die, I want to be dressed in an all black suit
With some new boots
While I’m drifting up to heaven
I don’t want no fears, no tears, and no sneers
Just cheers
Cause I’m finally going home

Cause earth is hell sometimes froze over
Full of shady ass bitches and trifling bastards
I wanna go where the realist have gone
To bask in the new sunlight of the truth
It’s easy to envision a world better than here
Cause this is no world where we’d like to live

We’re placed here as a test
Testing what?
I have no clue
I guess I’ll find out what’s true after death

Sword wielding stones of silence

From wielding to yielding and many trials in between. “As they rode the King looked lovingly on his sword, which Merlin saw, and, smiling, said, Which do you like best, the sword or the scabbard? ‘I like the sword,’ answered Arthur. ‘You are not wise to say that,’ replied Merlin, ‘for the scabbard is worthContinue reading “Sword wielding stones of silence”

"Some people need conflict to create." Stanley Tucci

…the last words I heard the actors’ roundtable mumbling were “We need a writer.” That made me realize the relationship an actor has to the screenplay which is what spews forth out of the writer’s [me in this case, for the few films I want to do — the remake of Godard’s “Vie sa Vie”Continue reading “"Some people need conflict to create." Stanley Tucci”

How to make money in space: theory 1

from an intriguing article found on the web via my ‘Moon Phase’ gadget on iGoogle “Trading by the Light of the Moon” by Vincent Troncone “In my research, I have found what appears to be a direct correlation between the primary phases of the moon and the points at which any given, freely-traded marketContinue reading “How to make money in space: theory 1”

Following the brightness

Caspar, the young King of Tarsus Melchoir, with is long beard, lead Arabia Balthazar hailed from Ethiopia on camels over deserts and mountains chasing a brightness they must have understood heard a message in their heads, “Keep going” knowing they would find wonder but not bewilderment they bore gifts for a bigger kind than theyContinue reading “Following the brightness”

It's the content, lady

Attracting Blog Readers through Great Content Attracting Blog Readers Through Great Content By Gini Dietrich on December 15th, 2009 Based on the feedback from “Tips for Starting a Blog,” it sounds like you’re ready to attract readers. So let’s get started! My friend Jeff Lipschultz commented on Monday that he was going to be brashContinue reading “It's the content, lady”