Nice work when you can get it

Through the grace of God and, since I am on the fence about who that actually is, a friend, I have been employed for about ten days to help re-write a piece on the communities recovering from the massively destructive tsunami in Asia (about 5 years ago).

I am thrilled to be working again because it engages my brain in something beyond my own navel (despite acknowledging the wisdom of the Chinese saying, “The center of the universe is in your belly button.”) and a project that is so worthy of expression, so meaningful and important. These people inspire me to tell their stories.

As my uncle just said on the phone, “there is nothing more demoralizing than wanting to work and not being able to find a job.” And it is amazing how much a simple change in one’s circumstance can take you from the brink to actually wanting to get up in the morning.


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