“Sunday morning, praise the morning, just a restless feeling by my side.”

Just watched “Adventureland” which has a great soundtrack, lost of Velvet Underground. I haven’t slept since yesterday, a trend when I get home and see Billy for the first time. We stay up all night, then get productive the next day cleaning, taking care of business and listening to Sly and the Family Stone belt out “All Squares Go Home!”

The intention of this off-shoot of my blog is for me to do my ‘three’ pages here where I can free associate what goes on in this busy brain of mine.

I am trying to come up with the tv shows I want to be making. That  I will write about some other time when I am not about to fall asleep, Gregg Allman-style in his plate of spaghetti incident; I also want to write some new stories and my musings on how so many places don’t have trash cans. It’s a perplexing matter that I hope to deconstruct.

So I didn’t quite make my “3 pages” {from The Artist’s Way} today, September 6th, but I am annotating the need to get my discipline back, make myself vulnerable with my writing again. It’s been too long. So all of those potential readers, get ready for an opus.

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