Oh who could admit what no one wants to accept and that is we are not right with our mother The Pronouncement a mere prognosis  No promotion could begin to cover end of life seams and stitches can  and it's the farthest from how we actually feel We question our lives in separate corners... Continue Reading →

The Unraveling Ball of Yarn

She was once again denying her own responses to enable a comfortable relationship.Her virtue had plummeted. Now seeing a two on a scale of one to ten, dipped with rumors she had slept around  Because of their attitudes, I was once again denying my own responses to enable a comfortable relationship... I was once again... Continue Reading →

Here, the winds pick up 

And the back of your neck  resides  in the chill  moving east across  canyons  the beauty  faintly passing  I fall in love  each time  the same notes a falling over  and then  into  How upon us To reflect  No regrets The Piano waits As the horn lilts away  Just out of reach  Your ships leaving... Continue Reading →

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