Working Girl


The world is panicking. It’s panicked before. The truth is there is no truth and that if science isn’t even it, then why believe it exists?

It has everything to do with the cerebral cortex, sequencing and overwriting the sins of the past with glorious retrofitting so we forget the passage of savages before us, even cloak and dagger under the cover of obsequiosness. We intrigue and mystery, withhold and annotate, circumvent and agitate – to such little avail. To no avail yells the decomposing matter! My meaning, my purpose hald-wroughr! Oh the perils of feeling human emotions – surely they want nothing more than to torture usWith dreams of our own existence.

Forty-eight laws

“A more balanced policy mix, with less reliance on monetary policy and more focus on fiscal policy and structural reform would be a better option.”

The takeoff

The tail wind keeps bending

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Sunday morning


like diamonds from Chinatown
flooding in rivers of despair

Sunday Morning

A glimpse of light
I feel life
Heed a warning
Before moving on

Was it with merit
or foreboding
in a mythological

Wise old crone
the Hermit
High Priestess
share this cup

It’s a glorious
if marine layer’s
your thing

A day to take
Pay heed to
ominous warning

Without playing
dire threat
Not just yet

Through the long
lens of time
ashes strewn
so much dust

the day you
went away
Never stay

The pain
just won’t
Go away
Give you up

Your guilt
such a snitch
Your brain
*secret weapon *

of mass

a way
to go on
the truth

The language is designed to be Simple, Small, Flexible and Fast.

Bretton Woods was a highly politicized system that was prone to crisis and required constant intervention and controls to continue functioning.

More importantly*, postwar monetary relations were not a salve to political tensions, as is often contended. In fact, the politicization of the global payments system allowed nations to use monetary coercion to achieve political and security ends, causing deep conflicts within the Western Alliance.

For the first time, Gavin reveals how these rifts dramatically affected U.S. political and military strategy during a dangerous period of the Cold War.”

Topics to be discussed this week

The constituents

The audience

The rest

Love never fails
Rejoice with the truth
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No matter how inept

the justification which

inevitably follows

the folly

which results

in realization

and to realize

is to die a little inside for

realizing connotes a

finality to that

problem as yet


I realized when I slammed the door,

it hit me in the – okole!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, honey!!!!!

-but here’s the kicker :

Realize it then decide to never do that again or sign right back up.

What’s the definition of insanity?

To retrieve the words each time

a crucial plea

You’re so dramatic

They said

But I’m good at the

stori arc

She waivers

Perhaps she has lost her touch

The words had floated by her life raft

Before she was ready

before she wanted to go

No matter how sorry you are //

You can’t bring him back

A moral lexicon of virtue


not just a general collection of words; instead, it deals with how those words are activated, stored, processed, and retrieved by each speaker.


to finish the story

Modern analytical empiricism […] differs from that of Locke, Berkeley, and Hume by its incorporation of mathematics and its development of a powerful logical technique.

But what if I don’t want all the Answers

was the last thing

she said

The logical form of a proposition is a way of representing it (often using the formal grammar and symbolism of a logical system), to reduce it to simpler components if necessary, and to display its similarity with all other propositions of the same type.

Ah Lorca she cried

It was a split second

Gone in a blink

Shoving off

Just about to begin

Federico del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Garcia Lorca

your Generation of 27

symbolism, surrealism, and futurism

executed by the Nationalist Forces

The poet’s

body has never been found

since the fall of a dictator ruler

in an establishment called

The second Republic

shot a day later by the Nationalist

Blood Wedding for a

Bourgeois society

Fuente Vaqueros

Huerta de San Vicente, Valderrubio

“Sonata”, “Ballade” and “Nocturne”

Come home

to the colorless gradually

taking hold


The mass


God said, in Latin, broadcast live from above Satan’s lair, situated, precisely and according to worldwide big brother goo goo radio Gaga – it’s gonna save your life but it’s gonna hurt – the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object as measured in units (such as quarts or liters) or capacity, or the ability to receive or contain the maximum amount or number that can be received– God said absolutely nothing.

In 1977, the serial murderer Ted Bundy is escorted out of court at the Pitkin County Courthouse, having just been captured after six days on the run when he escaped the same courthouse. The Post Independent recently had its long-sealed safe opened by a locksmith, revealing numerous old photo negatives, including this one.

A long sealed safe not opened by a locksmith is the beginning of our story. Come along.

Join the Einstein of another potboiler set – ahem – did you catch luke Skywalker cameeoh-in on criminal minds? Mark Gordon?

If I had to pick my moments today it would be Rhianna and Eminem’s love hate ballad as I considered how it made me feel – especially after alice in chains, rooster – and they say Americans are soft?

The Frith is here and he wants to know why you are here

And suddenly pushing buttons

Truly Frédéric you do not scare me.

mother courage, Godot, Doug Kenny – none compete with Kubrick Stephen King MA Jong and that sorcerer we pretended not to see.

The vastness of the pacific a place many just underestimate – thank you pacific especially the Hawaiian Islands for letting me live. Embracing me actually. But I loved you and was a gifted steers person – we’re talking rain man status.

 your brain is still a bit more about this one and only the most important thing in my opinion is that it was good singing

(that was artificial intelligence interpretation of my predictive poetic lyrics cat fight on the fridge)

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Taxonomy of an Exabyte

  • All the words ever spoken by human beings can be contained in five exabytes.

  • The first word ever spoken

    Quintillions of metadata revealing too much

    EB by the Quintillions

    “15 exabytes of data are transmitted every month.”

    and that amount is increasing exponentially, like a swarm of virtual locusts, pariahs, swaths of sward prattle babbling Paranthropus

    So who is is transmitting this data? You. Me. Artificial intelligence, real stupidity.

    Data is a set of values of subjects with respect to qualitative or quantitative variables.


    one is constantly fed and the roots grow deep while the fruit never ceases to grow, while the other is rootless and detached from any source of nutrition, and it is, therefore, blown away by the next wind that comes through.

     the presence of so many imitative words in language spawned the linguistic Bowwow Theory, which postulates that language originated in imitation of natural sounds.

    Data becomes information when it is viewed in context or in post-analysis.
    Captured data is created or generated through purposeful investigation or analysis.
    Exhaustive data is gathered usually by machines or terminals as a secondary function.

    To reiterate– she’s recalcitrant. Too many Qualified Leaks per mouth.

    Exhausting exhaustive data with things known or assumed as facts, making the basis of reasoning or calculation using swarm intelligence
    collective behaviour of a group, esp social insects such as ants, bees, and termites, that are each following very basic rules

    Net Profit Margin. Gross Margin. Cost of Customer indecision. Promoter Score. Qualified Leads.

    changes in entropy occur when two blue teeth start to “negotiate” the key length used to encrypt the connection.

    The ostriches and the vultures

    The brain trust in the big house announced that they’re not planning for the prospect of a recession out of concern that it could help precipitate a crash, said quid pro quo.

    stop that train.

    You’re incompetent


    How about that

    7 chakras
    Standing before the dark ages
    light snuffed out the hopeful faces
    faded, soft, immovable,
    she is stripped of just one of her powers

    resurrected by tomorrow




    A safe house for creativity coming soon to an algorithm near you….

    August 2019

    Hot sticky end of my 53rd year

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    Rue de la ciudad

    How does one redraw the narrative that tells the truth without giving it all away somehow not losing so mucho of you.

    This Esperanto keyboard is keel of hello 80s to the jerk


    The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010)

    FEAR drives market ta



    Coburg Tyre


    Another set

    More gone

    Ahead of the curve

    . “Mary Jane” has moved from Woodstock to Wall Street

    DISRUPTIVE🔌/Acceleration /

    Panic mesh Ryder

    Brain pain
    Traumatic brain injury


    Answer no one.

    Diffidence is self-distrust; modesty, a humble estimate of oneself in comparison with others, or with the demands of some undertaking.

    Europe dies, Oceania Rises. Unified Soul Wanderers call bluffs while lying in wait.

    A lair of shade.

    Don’t forget to lock up.

    They are watching you.


    I almost wanted him to be god so he fouls up sometimes

    The most dangerous enemy of truth and freedom amongst us is the compact majority—yes, the damned compact Liberal majority…

    —Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People


    Prosthesis Function Y

    It was manifest waste

    Subterfuge the strategic plan

    Erase as you go


    Virtuales candidato listón para cambiar

    A Minster de Diablo

    I appeal to HIM


    Before you go —


    I have been touched by my God 
    in my creation,…
    of anointing callus across my face. 
    I know the lyric of her pulse ..

    -Tyehimba Jess

    Carved Marble

    God of the fallen water jug, 
    of all the hope a vessel holds 
    before spilling to barren sand. 

    God of flesh hewn from earth 

    God of flesh hewn from earth 
    and hammered beneath a will 
    immaculate with the power 
    to bear life from the lifeless 
    like a well in a wasteland. 

    In a wasteland

    I’m made in the image of a God 
    that knows flight but stays me 
    rock still to tell a story ancient as 
    slavery, old as the first time 
    hands clasped together for mercy 
    and parted to find only their own 
    salty blessing of sweat. 


    Indus try



    MJ Hempton

    . “Mary Jane” has moved from Woodstock to Wall Street



    …representing a 🔌

    force for a slew of industries, including pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage companies.

    I’m made in the image of a God 
    that knows flight but stays me 
    rock still to tell a story ancient as 
    slavery, old as the first time 
    hands clasped together for mercy 
    and parted to find only their own 
    salty blessing of sweat. 


    It’s like investing in the liquor industry in the 1930s, when Prohibition ended.


    /It’s not just about getting high, though.

    Problem is, signs are emerging that the marijuana green rush is becoming a bubble in search of a pin. But we’re starting to see a proliferation of dubious investments.


    A proliferation of dubious investment

    Disruptive dissonance breathe recklessness

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    What you give away

    It occurred to me the other day that you might be lying about whether Ray Ray was a pathological liar.

    Aren’t all junkies?


    No. I was gonna say, everyone’s favorite junkie a premiere funky who gets sulky in his freewheeling scene -stealing calamide lotion staring down the street while you pop those friggled uptown

    home of the brave my ass I heard her say as you walked away

    But save that for another day

    Sing the song of truth

    No one knows your name

    Bring in

    calamity Jane

    Citizen Kane

    Nathaniel Zane


    Are you insane?

    Some people call me loco

    Mean Jean Feline

    Coke machine

    Powerful but


    with the “wrong”



    voodoo town, handle down

    You end up on the other side of what might be considered going down town

    dodgy, cagey or downright oblique

    But like a character made by Stephen King, you prevail, dragging your sorry ass past the doom, and the gloom, not checking facebook, only using it for logins, you’re free God dammit who the fuck just cut you off in traffic?


    Views of the World 🌍

    R u still in


    shot callers combat

    I’m a bomb convict top Ramen Amir flavor savor make a wick but get written up so you make a light

    FBI DBI three stories tall eighth of mile long

    Microdosin neocon hawk lobbying mesh gates of hell

    Hang on we’ve got a customized scan of your personalized scam right here

    It’s like I’m may

    in seotei


    Be advised

    She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order

    All the pieces I am
    Places to stand


    In the crosshairs

    like a deer

    red dot

    cross roads


    3 billion Chinese can’t be eying


    can they

    They said

    They forgot

    It went on

    like that

    for years

    her blue canvas dripping onto the

    soot of the pavement. Vague scent of hot mop asphalt near death-fo-tanement

    more like a fonzi scheme hhhheeeyyy

    Questionable sources 🧪

    She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.

    -Toni Morrison

    In other words, Garza had a right to a proceeding, and he was denied that proceeding altogether as a result of counsel’s deficient performance.

    After all, there is no disciplined way to “accord any `presumption of reliability’ . . . to judicial proceedings that never took place.” Ibid. (quoting Smith v. Robbins, 528 U.S. 259, 286 (2000)).

    that he in fact requested, or at least expressed interest in, an appeal on a non-waived issue,” id., at 21-22, or alternatively (2) “`that there were nonfrivolous grounds for appeal’ despite the waiver,” id., at 22 (quoting Flores-Ortega, 528 U. S., at 485). We decline this suggestion, because it cannot be squared with our precedent and would likely prove both unfair and inefficient in practice.

    participating as an amicus on Idaho’s behalf, s

    that, but for counsel’s deficient failure to consult with him about an appeal, he would have timely appealed.” 528 U. S., at 484. So long as a defendant can show that “counsel’s constitutionally deficient performance deprive[d him] of an appeal that he otherwise would have taken,” courts are to “presum[e] prejudice with no further showing from the defendant of the merits of his underlying claims.” Ibid. Because there is no dispute here that Garza wished to appeal, see supra, at 2, a direct application of Flores-Ortega’s language resolves this case. See 528 U. S., at 484.

    Where, as here, a defendant has expressly requested an appeal, counsel performs deficiently by disregarding the defendant’s instructions.9

    Usually, the driver who is backing out is found at fault, unless two cars were backing out at the same time and hit each other. In that case, fault is usually shared between the two drivers.

    Typically an accident where you hit a car that is legally parked will result in you being found at

    Underdahl’s petition asserts that he is entitled to relief under 28 U.S.C. § 2254 because (1) he was denied the right to a speedy trial; (2) of prosecutorial misconduct; (3) the court improperly instructed the jury under Minn. Stat. § 634.04; and (4) the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction.

    I always looked upon the acts of racist exclusion, or insult, as pitiable, from the other person. I never absorbed that. I always thought that there was something deficient about such people.

    6:19 PM

    Mar 8, 2019

    Read more at:


    On thr msbkr

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    9 muses 9 lines

    9 muses 

    Epic poetry – Poet laureate – as if maya Angelou read the song of myself   But As everyone together imagine-

    Music – Lyric poetry – voice of angels

    Healing arts – dynamic  exchange, science quantum physics

    All-encompassing  species survival

    Painting – Sculpture – Film and Photography

    Performance Dance  theater installation

    Storytelling – cave painting – chronicles of humanity

    public architecture – collective space

    Tragedy and Comedy actors writers giving experience meaning

    muse of collaboration  directors and conductors  🙌🏼 Those who fuse the ones who lead  living energy

    creativity as  not just talent or   none At all

    the final

    the muse of alchemy


    in 9 sec



    anesthetize don’t agonize

    And so

    It was

    With great

    Abandon that

    She ruled

    The world


    where chaos unfolds

    It’s hard to know why you live

    III – THE end painting “OBEY”

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    The potential energy of falling bodies

    The time has come to

    an end

    when inhumanity would surface

    in the next of kin

    Walking down the road,

    barely breathing,

    sucking wind

    I never noticed the air could be so far away

    It’s the nature of this beast

    whose beady eyes commemorate

    our scariest monster lies in wait

    Invisible and wrecking with usual discretion lacking

    routing out the remaining in every damn direction

    How harrowingly surreal

    This waiting on death

    an unforeseen yet so foreseeable

    life-changing event

    not just any life

    collapsed by the eulogy or catalogued anonymously

    into time and place

    reduced to cause of death

    compiled for future reference

    making us bear witness

    to the life that’s lived between us all

    sharing our extraordinary planet in a collective plane called history

    as religious freaks and cultists make beliefs of burden their fallacies can bear

    healers decry that now too many of us are broken – we are, at best, beyond repair

    our pieces that can be picked up but never remade with any care

    fragments of what we meant to say, moments floating never dared

    near misses

    sliding into bases

    moving targets

    leaving traces

    experts cite no evidence

    since evidence requires proof

    so proof is skewed toward reaffirmation

    of gathered realizations

    from stalwarts in the past

    fallen angels collecting bones

    while heaven’s high rise tower remains closed

    to any and all self-isolating souls

    a woman walks her husband downtown to the hospital

    because they’ve been advised not to take a taxi, ride in an uber, use public transportation

    the motors and machines we’ve built to speed our movement- anathema to us now

    We should have known

    Somehow we should have put our efforts somewhere else entirely

    After all, mere weeks ago

    the stats compiled show

    fertility rates in Africa

    inversely effect

    life expectancy in the industrial world

    all predictions show

    a race to grab as much as possible before we go

    trade wars, tariffs, sanctions, fatal blows

    configured carefully so the profits flow

    from the festering decay of dinosaur bones

    to tyrant autocrats who

    tussle to declare

    their bottom lines must compare in weight

    so that only one may keep the fare

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    Tenebrism is used only to obtain a dramatic impact while chiaroscuro is a broader term, also covering the use of less extreme contrasts of light to enhance the illusion of three-dimensionality.

    Working Girl


    AM PAGES MUSEBUNKER 102 PROCESS The Outside World Writers Room


    quarterly profit from our misery

    paid for by passing the torch

    spent sitting on the front porch

    Be who you want to be

    Not who you are

    Become that person by doing those things that that better version of you would do.

    Have “the life you’ve always wanted.” Go ahead, go.

    Ready set

    Easy peasy, they said.

    Two times in recent history (ancient history would be the days of my youth ), I’ve witnessed in print the declaration by women supposedly of my demographic (more on that later) that yes, in fact, they did have it all.

    I didn’t stick around to find out the fucking imperative of a caveat like, but certainly not limited to, “the problem was what to do with it,” or equally as reprehensible,”But I just wasn’t happy.”

    The resounding chatter from the committee in my head (you know the ones who update the mistakes made ticker tape spewing continuously forth from a dot matrix printer) enacts the dormant PRIMAL SCREAM policy although if I were to demonstrate, if might be received as a call to all crazies to meet for a smoke in the alley.

    So instead, when I read, “I had it all/career, family, Buick” as the lead for their book, article, thesis, self-serving self-help romance novel

    Instead of screaming the primal way

    I curl up into a ball

    And die

    a little each time

    Working Girl

    Courageously Collaborate

    A revised bio…

    The Infinite Game

    I grew up in rural Virginia, raised 250 ducks, five hawks, a horse and a raccoon.

    After graduating from the University of Virginia, I lived on Kauai for ten years where I discovered filmmaking.

    I’ve worked in film and television for over twenty years, starting as a P.A. and working my way up to Show Runner on Model Latina and Ice Gold Gold, which took me to Greenland.

    RV factory

    I’m perhaps best known as a Show Producer on the first five seasons of NBC’s The Apprentice.

    At this point, it’s a little surreal and I can’t convey the complexity of my experience in this tableau of someone else’s version of events.

    But I was pivotal at a time when it was enormously challenging just being a woman in a professional leadership role in reality TV that pariah of the.entertainment industry

    I was responsible for the premiere which garnered 19 million viewers of an unprecedented 90-minute episode.

    Two episodes nominated primetime Emmy awards The Apprentice and

    Episode that won the very first Emmy award for The Amazing Race, season three, episode 11.

    Skills, abilities, proven track record and exceptional experience

    I’m equally proficient in the field and post-production, frequently managing crews of thirty or more, interviewing diverse cast, overseeing all creative on multiple episodes, supervising up to 19 editors at one time, developing all series creative, establishing show format, securing locations, managing budgets, writing voice over scripts, addressing network notes and running the set.

    Executives at Animal Planet said my script on a problem episode was the best piece of writing in two seasons of that series.

    An executive from Spike hired me as a fixer to supervise a series that was in trouble it’s first season. That show, Bar Rescue is still on the air.

    If I work on season one of a series, it usually gets renewed for a second. American Hoggers, Model Latina, The Colony and Ice Cold Gold are all shows that were established on my watch.

    I’ve worked on both scripted and unscripted projects, taking me to South Korea, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Greenland.

    I produced a series of surgery shows for Discovery where I traveled extensively around the country.

    As a writer and story editor, I created the one-off documentary of The 200-pound Tumor for Discovery Health – without any footage of the tumor prior to the 16-hour surgery at Chicago Med.

    I write episode breakdowns, previously on recaps, scripts, voice over, show bibles, casting boards, development one-sheets, network hot sheets, comprehensive series decks for pitch meetings, budgets and marketing materials.

    As a producer, most of my work is actually that of the director, from pre-production creative all the way through online, sound mix and final graphics package.

    I’m responsible for defining the overall look and feel of a series/concept, establishing and executing a successful show format, designing and implementing systems unique to each project that maximize story and talent, facilitating optimal creative collaboration, and effectively communicating the purpose of each scene.

    I always establish trust with the cast, which sets me apart from the majority of “reality” producers who generally revert to the most unimaginative method of gathering the sound bites needed to provide the connective tissue of each storyline: they tell the cast member what to say. Taking the easy way out always produces the same results-a show that feels over-produced and leaves the audience feeling cheated.

    I’ve produced reality competition shows, docu-reality series, build shows, dating shows, surgery shows, wedding shows, modeling/beauty pageant shows, music shows, DIY shows, documentaries, promos, pitch reels educational presentations, corporate milestone videos, elaborate stunts, remote location shoots, commercials, man-in-the-street segments (for Oprah and MTV), a 3-D show for Discovery Studios and a show about women who fight wildfires in California, which required all crew to complete Cal-Fire’s firefighter training.

    I’ve produced stories about proposition betting, cruise ships, spies (simulated as reality competition), psychics chasing ghosts, mining for gemstones in the Arctic ice sheet, solar car races in South Africa, feral hogs, blind marriage, cleft lips, club feet, K-POP, the 2004 tsunami, gospel singers and the apocalypse.

    a unique capacity for visualizing the narrative

    Logical methodology combined with heightened emotional intelligence enable me to capture the authentic stories of real people in challenging and often life-changing scenarios.

    I’m extremely thorough and detail-oriented which affords me the opportunity to cover storylines that others miss entirely.

    I know how to get the beginning of a scene for action that was picked up in the middle of what real people do.

    I am, quite simply, the best at what I do. The reason is I love what to do, I have empathy for the on-screen personaes. I never let anyone talk me out of a shot the editors will need.

    I’m decisive and know when to pivot. Hyper-conscious of deadlines, always managing daylight and prioritizing correctly are benefits of extensive experience in both production and post.

    I’m not afraid to stand firm on a creative directive even when my colleagues argue otherwise, for the wrong reasons.

    I always bring a higher level of quality to any project I’m working on.

    I don’t believe in taking the easy way out but I also don’t promote self-serving tactics Managing these types on a creative staff is always detrimental to the quality of the final product. They won’t be a factor in future hires.

    The most important aspect of this entire process is building a team you can trust.

    When that happens, story obstacles become opportunities for the most rewarding part of the job-creative collaboration.

    The Seed, a Need

    Identified and not algorithm- defined – a safe house for the creative process to work.

    The Musebunker

    Protecting that creative space is my forte. The storylines I develop are always the most authentic, emotionally satisfying and skillfully revealed. This I can guarantee.

    Esthetically, the shows I shepherd through are a cut above because my standards are higher.

    I have a bold plan. I need a team.

    The Musebunker


    Working Girl

    Ah, the double standard

    The list of double standards women face on their path to public office is plenty long: They should be pretty, but not distractingly so. Assertive, but never aggressive. Maternal, yet devoted exclusively to their careers. And every word that passes their lips should be spoken in a tone, volume and cadence that is pleasing to the ever-alert ears of their audience.

    The path to any career not just public office but this was a story about women who run for president.

    Now, you may ask yourself, where does it mention her looks? Have you ever noticed how most people when they reference a woman, often list the “way she looks” first in their descriptors, yet for a man, it’s his accomplishments, obvious potential and charming personality traits.

    “A real smart cookie” isn’t something you say about the plucky upstart who defied the odds if that cookie is male.

    Aggressive v Assertive

    In modeling and etiquette school (yes, I was raised in the South with its cotillion and debutantes), we were taught to be assertive. Not aggressive. We were neither at the time, so this was confounding. Some might say liberating. Others, more trouble than it’s worth.

    Assertive meant you stopped short of truly making any demands, always maintained a polite comportment with corresponding ladylike demeanor and could be perennially felicitous no matter the occasion. Suffering in silence slowly faded in popularity, and burning your bra was ultimately impractical.

    Mother’s Little Helper, the blue pill. Salve for pent up discontent which evolves into aggression, if you don’t quash it early.

    Be assertive is code for go ahead, but not too much.

    “You’re too emotional.” I wonder how that sliding scale works – for women, it’s voicing any upset over being mistreated. Hysterical is just a few steps away.

    But a man? Oh he’s just passionate! He really believes in what he’s saying! This guy’s serious! Give him what he wants! He’s a take charge kind of a guy!

    Who does she think she is? She’s crazy! A real hydra! Harpy!

    When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to be a CEO. I didn’t really know what they did but they seemed commanding, powerful. Perhaps that merely countered the powerlessness I had endured being molested starting at four years old. Perhaps it was the suits and heels.

    At some point around the same time, I wanted, clearly and cognizantly, of sound mind and body, to be President of the United States.

    The thoughts all girls have.

    Harshly judged

    Working Girl Writers Room

    I am trying to show what it is to be broken, to create the Truly heartbreaking, Theo. -Vincent

    Get out of your own way.

    A group of Seabirds is called a Wreck.

    Melissa chewed her fingernails

    like a fifteen year ink anorexic parading Tabs and perfect everything

    For the world to ignore

    That was not for nothing

    The confusing part of the tree on river road that killed more people than Cherokee cherry tree dead man’s curve snaking the James River which still scared her

    Code Red